Our Christmas Gift Tip For You: Making Money 24/7 With Creative Market

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Creative Market.

First, we would like to wish all of you, our friends and clients, a wonderful, warm and safe Christmas with your families and friends. Sam and I appreciate each of you and we are grateful for those of you who are our clients who have made this great year possible for us.

( If you are reading this and are not a client of ours, but would like to meet our clients for possible collaborations in 2019, find and follow them on their social channels + subscribe to their blogs by clicking> here ).

Now, on to our Christmas gift tip to you: how to make money, 24/7, with Creative Market.

Creative Market is a platform of design assets, where hundreds of thousands of creatives around the world upload their packages of templates, covering everything from logos to Instagram flat lays, to fonts, to hand lettering, to Christmas decorations, and sell them for a very small price, generally ranging from 5.00-20.00 per package. The best part? There is no subscription necessary - you pay as you go.

Once you download them, you are free to use them in your blogs and on your social media channels at any time.

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On a related note, I am often asked how to find free images to use in blog posts, etc.

There are some very good sources for free imagery, like Unsplash, Pexel, and Flickr, and, for a very small monthly subscription price, you can sign up for Adobe Stock Photos, which contains not only photos, but videos + graphic assets, which we use extensively in producing Seasonal Living magazine. ( If you have a few extra minutes over the holidays, and would like to, you can read about the backstory of how we came to produce this magazine, here. )

So, to find beautiful and unique graphic design assets for almost every imaginable use, without a monthly subscription cost, Creative Market is a top resource, with over 2.6 million assets and growing.

We are an affiliate partner to Creative Market, and we earn a 10% commission on every download you make for a year.

Here’s the tip: You can be one, too. It’s easy to sign up for their partner program, by clicking > here.

If you share about Creative Market on your own social channels, with your own URL affiliate link, you will make money, 24/7, for one full year, on every download.

It’s that simple. Really.

FYI: It takes time - at least 5 years of consistent blogging and work, to start to see any meaningful return on selling products (whether physical products like furniture, lighting, art or online products, like the graphic assets available through Creative Market), for a commission, through your blogs.

This is what affiliate product marketing is, by the way: making a small percentage commission when someone clicks on a link on your blog, (or in your ebook, your online products, your enewsletters, your moodboards, your videos, etc.).

By the way, it doesn’t cost a buyer any more to buy through this blog or your blog than it does for them to buy direct through the big ecommerce sites, and by buying through this blog and/or your own blogs, they help to support the educational and inspirational content and the free information you, the writer, are providing to them.

What’s the key to being able to #DesignWealth this way? Building up the traffic to your blog ( and remember: a blog is just a page of fresh content on a website ). That’s why I started a fee Facebook Group for interior designers that would help them learn how to drive the traffic that would help them #DesignWealth, which you can Request to Join, if you are an interior designer reading this, by clicking => here:

As we all know, 5 years goes by in a flash these days! Now, as we are about to begin a New Year, is the perfect time to start to #DesignWealth in 2019 by helping your communities of friends find the products and resources that will help them create the beautiful homes they desire and their businesses grow and prosper, resources like Creative Market.

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I am wishing you all a blessed Christmas …and for those of you don’t celebrate Christmas, but instead celebrate another holiday…or none at all…I wish each of you a blessed and prosperous New Year and I hope this tip to Creative Market will help you begin to #DesignWealth into your online lives in 2019 and beyond.

Leslie Carothers
Voted 1 of Home Furnishings News magazine’s 2018 Top 40 Most Inspiring Women In Home