Lightovation at Dallas Market Center - North America's largest lighting wholesale tradeshow

LIGHTOVATION — Dallas International Lighting Show is North America’s largest residential wholesale lighting tradeshow. Taking place twice a year, in January and June, it covers over 1 million square feet of the 5 million square foot tradeshow complex known as Dallas Market Center and is the epicenter for all things #smartlighting.

Watch this video of Lightovation shot in virtual reality to see the enormity of this show. Place your mouse on the screen and move it around to see it all. How great is this?

What is the #1 reason you would attend Lightovation?

Because this lighting tradeshow is dedicated to educating their attendees regarding the latest in #smartlighting technology - the biggest growth area of business for almost every interior designer, hospitality designer, lighting showroom retailer and furniture and interior design showroom retailer across the globe.

Did you know that if a home is listed on Coldwell Banker’s website (the largest real estate company in the world) as a smart home, that it sells twice as fast as a home not listed as a smart home?

Smart Home Facts From the blog of

Because of this, helping clients or customers understand exactly how to incorporate smart lighting technology to increase the value of their homes or commercial properties, as well as decrease their energy bills, will be a key driver of business for every company in the lighting, furniture and interior design industry in 2019 and beyond.

And it is LIGHTOVATION where you, if you’re an interior designer, hospitality designer, lighting, furniture, kitchen and bath or interior design showroom owner reading this, would go to learn everything there is to know about the smart lighting options available for your clients or customers.

Why else would you attend LIGHTOVATION?

2. To see the widest possible array of different types of lighting, available in one place, in North America.

3. To see the subtle visual effects of various types of lighting - in person.

4. To learn from experienced reps the technical specifications re: what you need to know in order to insure your clients or customers are buying the right kind of lighting, and installing it correctly in order to keep their manufacturer warranties from being voided.

5. To see and understand quality differences, in person, and to be able to compare price differentials, based on those quality considerations.

6. To attend my keynote presentation at LIGHTOVATION, How To Propel Your Sales Forward, Faster, in 2019 - Using The Tools Of Digital Marketing taking place in Lightovation’s new #SMARTcenter - located in TM 4826 - on Tuesday, January 15th, at 3 pm - the day before LIGHTOVATION officially opens.

I was also the keynote speaker in June of 2018 for the opening of the #SMARTcenter at Dallas Market Center, and the 80 or so attendees each gave me a perfect store on my evaluations…the first time that had ever happened for any speaker at the DMC.

This was the reason I was invited back to deliver this keynote. It will be different than the June keynote, but will cover strategy, similar to that one. If you weren’t there in June, I would love to have you attend this one, and if you were there in June —> THANK YOU!

Leslie Carothers, the keynote presenter at the January 2019 LIGHTOVATION tradeshow at Dallas Market Center

In addition to the keynote presentation, I will be delivering 3 more deep dive sessions (see their titles in the graphic below) that all attendees of either LIGHTOVATION or Dallas Market Center’s Total Home and Gift show are welcome to attend.

All sessions are complimentary, but the seating is limited to 120 for each session in the #SMARTcenter, so, if you are attending, please click the links at the end of this post to register for the Deep Dive sessions that you think would be most useful for your business. You are welcome to attend just 1, 2 or all 3.

Leslie Carothers, CEO of The Kaleidoscope Partnership and Savour Partnership will be the keynote presenter at Lightovation a Dallas Market Center in January of 2019

(And if you are wondering how I took out the background from the image of myself, so I could use it without the background - in this Pinterest sized pinnable image above that I created for this post using, I used this brand new tool: - which was named the #1 new digital tool in 2018 by PRODUCT HUNT).

7. If you are an interior designer, you would attend LIGHTOVATION to visit the following designer friendly lighting showrooms.

Why is it necessary to point these showrooms out to interior designers? Because, although all of the LIGHTOVATION showrooms welcome interior designers to browse, some of them do not sell to individual interior designers, but only to major lighting retailers. So, by having a list like this available, LIGHTOVATION has made it possible for interior designers to save time.

Designer Friendly Resources For Lighting at Lightovation at Dallas Market Center

8. Another reason you would attend LIGHTOVATION is to meet those lighting exhibitors who are actively collaborating with interior designers on new lighting collections and to see the gorgeous new collections they are debuting in January!

One of my personal favorite debuts, of those I saw on this blog post, is Orange County, CA based interior designer, Lisa McDennon ’s debut collection with Hinckley Lighting. These ceiling fixtures of hers shown below are stunning and I can’t wait to see them in person.

Lisa McDennon for Hinckley Lighting, debuting at Lightovation at Dallas Market Center
Lisa McDennon's debut collection of lighting fixtures, debuting to the trade via Hinckley Lighting at Lightovation January 2019

Several other well known designers are also debuting collections, Libby Langdon is adding to her very successful collection with Crystorama as is Bryan Patrick Flynn, Martyn Lawrance Bullard has partnered with Corbett Lighting Jeffrey Alan Marks has partnered with Progress Lighting for the world debut of his new collection, and Mark D. Sikes is bringing out more lighting via his partnership with Hudson Lighting.

It’s going to be an exciting show, with lots of parties to celebrate these brand/designer collaborations!

9. Speaking of parties…the biggest party of all for the entire furniture and interior design industry takes place on Friday night during LIGHTOVATION, the annual black tie gala known as the ARTS AWARDS.

This show’s presentation is similar to the OSCARS and it is, under the able leadership of ART Executive Director Sharon Davis, (also named one of Home Furnishings News magazine’s 2018 Top 40 Most Inspiring Women In Home ) always a major WOW.

It’s a true honor and thrill for those who win, as you can see below by watching this video.

And this year, I will be rooting for my friend, Cheryl Clendenon, to win in her category!

Cheryl is the owner of In Detail Interiors in Pensacola, FL, ( her design work will soon to be featured in the Feb. 1 issue of Seasonal Living Magazine — which our company is designing and producing for Arts Award Hall of Fame member, Gary Pettitt, the publisher and the owner of boutique indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting and decorative accessories manufacturer, Seasonal Living Trading Company ).

Sam and I will both be at the Arts Awards, along with Gary, and we hope to see her win in the Retailer category for Home Accents Store - East/Atlantic!

Good luck, Cheryl!

10. The final reason to attend LIGHTOVATION? The networking. It goes without saying that this will be a superb opportunity to meet many different people that might matter to your business’ goals - because of the opportunity Lightovation affords you to also attend the Total Home and Gift Show, taking place simultaneously, and all of the great programming happening there, too.

Stay tuned for a special announcement from me, about Friday’s programming at the Total Home and Gift Show, coming soon! This will be something you won’t want to miss if you’re attending! And even though I’m not involved, my good friend Julia Molloy, the founder of the BOLD SUMMIT, will be delivering some can’t miss programming on Friday, too.

BONUS REASON to attend LIGHTOVATION? To meet one of the most dynamic women in our industry.

She is Laura Van Zeyl, the Vice President of Lighting Technology Development and Marketing for LIGHTOVATION at Dallas Market Center. She is also in charge of leasing LIGHTOVATION, in case you’re a lighting manufacturer reading this, and considering leasing space at North America’s largest residential lighting tradeshow.

Laura knows all there is to know about smart lighting and has been instrumental in catapulting this show into one of the truly must attend tradeshow events in North America.

I recently heard Laura discussing how tunable LED lighting was the latest innovation for those seeking to be able to adjust the color temperature of light for task or mood.

I am looking forward, myself, to learning more about this from her, and seeing this type of lighting in person, at LIGHTOVATION.

On Instagram, follow Laura at and on Twitter, follow her at

On Instagram, follow Laura at and on Twitter, follow her at

I hope you are now more aware of how attending LIGHTOVATION will benefit you and your business. If you have any questions about LIGHTOVATION, I encourage you to join the LIGHTOVATION Facebook Group by clicking here. It’s a closed Group, but open to all of those in the lighting industry, and is moderated by Laura.

Lightovation's Facebook Group cover

I invite you to follow the #LIGHTOVATION and #DALLASMARKET tags on Instagram ( you can follow tags now, not just people and brands ) so that, if you cannot be there, you will be able to see all the beautiful images of lighting in the exhibitor showrooms that will be flowing through the stream.

And if you’d like to register for one of my digital marketing sessions during LIGHTOVATION, please click on the following links. You do not have to register to attend, but seating is limited to 120 per session in the SMART center, where each session will be held, so it’s wise to reserve yours, if you definitely know you would like to come. These are hands on sessions and, again, are all complimentary. You can attend 1, 2 or all 3.

9 am Wed, Feb. 16th Google My Business workshop:

3 pm Wed. Feb. 17th, Facebook Advertising workshop:

9 am, Thurs. Feb. 17th, Instagram Sales workshop:

and if, after attending my keynote or any of the 3 sessions above, you’d like to find out more about working with either of my businesses, The Kaleidoscope Partnership or Savour Partnership, professionally, please contact me through this link:

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And remember —> #LIGHTOVATION is….

Lightovation: Where Bright Minds Gather
If you’d like, please follow me on Instagram at and on Twitter at

If you’d like, please follow me on Instagram at and on Twitter at

One last thing!

If you’re an interior designer reading this, and want to get 2019 off to a very fast start for your business, even if you can’t attend LIGHTOVATION, please Request To Join my free Facebook Group on all things digital, design and driving traffic to your blog or website for 24/7 income by clicking here:

Thank you!

I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at LIGHTOVATION and Dallas Market Center’s Total Home and Gift Show…and don’t forget what I said —> stay tuned for the announcement re: Friday!

Know: I live in gratitude and appreciate each of you!

Leslie Carothers/ @tkpleslie
CEO, The Kaleidoscope Partnership + Savour Partnership.