EXCITING NEWS! Keynote Presentation For The Grand Opening of Lightovation's #SMARTCenter!


Friends: I'm thrilled to have been invited to be the afternoon keynote speaker on Wednesday, June 20th at 3 pm in Trade Mart 4826 to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new #SMARTCenter during #Lightovation, North America's largest wholesale lighting tradeshow, at Dallas Market Center. 

I will be speaking on *Social Media Tools Proven To Drive Store Traffic*.

What exactly is the #SMARTCenter? It is a brand new 6000 sq. ft. state of the art event and programming space, located within Lightovation, designed to facilitate education, collaboration and networking for all Dallas Market Center and Lightovation attendees.

It is powered by Dallas Market Center and the American Lighting Association and the exciting week long series of complimentary Grand Opening events will also include programming in partnership with the National Kitchen and Bath Association. 

The inside of Lightovation, North America's largest wholesale lighting tradeshow, managed and leased by Dallas Market Center's Vice President of Lighting Technology Development and Marketing, Laura Van Zeyl. 

The inside of Lightovation, North America's largest wholesale lighting tradeshow, managed and leased by Dallas Market Center's Vice President of Lighting Technology Development and Marketing, Laura Van Zeyl. 

Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership and Savour Partnership, delivers the Grand Opening afternoon keynote presentation for the new #SMARTCenter during #LIGHTOVATION at Dallas Market on Wed, June 20th at 3 pm

Whether you're a lighting, gift, fashion or furniture retailer attending Dallas Market and LIGHTOVATION, and/or an interior designer, a hospitality designer, a manufacturer of lighting or a lighting representative, my keynote presentation is designed to help you do the one thing that matters most to you: maximize your store traffic and sales so your business can thrive in the Age of Amazon. 

If you would like to attend my complimentary presentation,  please click here to register >  https://alamembers.com/Professional-Education/Course/CourseId/1046

For those of you not familiar with Dallas Market Center, the #LIGHTOVATION show is held in the TRADE MART (TM ) building, shown below, and the #SMARTCenter is on Floor 4, TM 4826, in the far upper right hand corner of the floor map, also shown below. On the map, it says, *Lighting Showroom*, but this space is now the #SMARTCenter. 

A birds eye view map of Dallas Market Center
The Location of the new SMARTCenter at LIGHTOVATION within Dallas Market - TM 4826

Watch this video to learn more about Lightovation at Dallas Market Center.

In the lead up to this event, I was interviewed for Lighting and Decor Magazine, about *How To Prioritize Between Your Website, Social Media and Your E-Newsletter, and I invite you to read that article, shown below, for those of you not able to attend Lightovation, Dallas Market or my presentation for the #SMARTCenter Grand Opening. 

Leslie Carothers' interview in Lighting And Decor Magazine re: prioritizing between website, social media and newsletter.

Dallas Market Center's own SOURCE magazine recently published the article below about the grand opening of the new #SMARTcenter, which gives you a glimpse into the programming taking place during this exciting week!


Dallas Market Center's SOURCE magazine
Dallas Market Center's SOURCE magazine, discussing the opening of the new SMART Center

If you are planning on attending Lightovation and/or the Grand Opening of the new #SMARTCenter, or if you can't, but would like to follow along, here are some links to help you do that.

THE #SMARTCenter's Grand Opening Facebook EVENT Page:


The June 2018 Lightovation EVENT Page:


The official hashtags are: #Lightovation #SMARTcenter, if you would like to follow them on Instagram, and, also. please follow #DallasMarket so you can see everything taking place at this exciting national tradeshow that encompasses not only lighting, accessories and decor, but gifts, housewares, jewelry, fashion, furniture, stationery and so much more.

I've been attending Dallas Market for quite a while now, and have been involved with events there previously, including being a judge in Lightovation's 2014 Showroom Of The Year Awards, which you can read more about, here.

Attending Dallas Market Center is a really, really fun experience, if you've never been, and you will see lines at Dallas Market not seen at any other tradeshow in the country. It is a MUST ATTEND market, and being able to see Lightovation at the same time, makes it a market not to be missed.

For any of you that would like to know my background better before attending, I invite you to click on www.about.me/tkpleslie, and for all of you that would like to know more about the online magazines, e-newsletters, ebooks and other online publications we produce for our clients at Savour Partnership, I invite you to click on www.savourpartnership.com/services. 

My business partner in Savour Partnership, Sam Henderson, is one of the main content producers for HGTV, The Food Network and now, The Travel Channel, and is well versed in created online content that resonates with consumers. 

And, if you are a lighting retailer exhibiting at Dallas Market Center looking to partner for brand collaborations with interior designers, I invite you to contact any of our Savour Partnership clients, whom you can meet by clicking, here:

You are also invited to browse through the American Lighting Association's own online magazine, also available in print, for the latest in lighting news, by clicking, here

The cover of the latest issue of LIGHTING magazine, published by the American Lighting Association

Lastly, I invite you to meet my friend, Deborah Main, aka as The Pillow Goddess. Deborah exhibits her luxury art pillows at Peninsula Home during Dallas Market and who will be writing a pre-Lightovation blog post that is one you will not want to miss. Subscribe to her blog, here, to make sure it lands in your inbox. 

And to see one of Deborah's award winning blog posts, where I was interviewed along with several others, about *Designing For The Future: Illuminating The Trends, please click, here

Thank you to all, and I look forward to meeting everyone in just a few weeks, or seeing you online, on the tags: #SMARTCenter, #DallasMarket and #Lightovation! 

Leslie Carothers