My Top 5 High Point Market Tips

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High Point Market is, without a doubt, the most important furniture market in North America, if not the world.

Covering 180 buildings over the city of High Point, North Carolina, it attracts almost 100,000 attendees every Spring and Fall.

I have attended every High Point Market for the past 18 years, with the exception of 2 markets, and wanted to share with you and with the ~1000 members of my closed Facebook Group for interior designers, #DesignWealth ( who will see this post in the Group ) what I think they should know that will help them have a productive market.

Best Image of High Point Market Logo #HPMKT


I have never been paid to attend #HPMkt, even though I have attended for all these years and spoken there many times. I started speaking at #HPMkt back in 2009, when I first started The Kaleidoscope Partnership.

Later, when the Antique and Design Center opened in 2010 or so, Amanda Lane Kinney and Karen Luisiana, the co-owners, asked me to keynote their seminar series and I ended up speaking at the Antique and Design Center several more times.

This is just one of the many treasures that have been for sale at the Antique and Design Center.

best shop for wholesale antiques

#HPMkt TIP 1:

I encourage any of you in my Facebook Group, #DesignWealth, and any other interior designers that are reading this that have never been to the Antique and Design Center at High Point Market, to make it your FIRST STOP.

Why? Because everything for sale there is one of a kind and, generally, fabulous.

It opens on THURSDAY, April 4th at 9 am, to give interior designers a chance to scout and buy first, before the wider market officially opens on SATURDAY, April 6th.

The Antique and Design Center also has 50 free parking spaces(!) for their buyers - a well kept secret!

Click this link to find out where those are.

NOTE: Because the Antique and Design Center is not owned by International Market Centers, ( the venture capital owned entity that owns about 85% or so of all of the buildings at #HPMkt ) , it doesn’t receive the same amount of national press as the IMC owned properties and showrooms do.

And because of that, there are still many interior designers who don’t know of the one of a kind items that can be purchased there. Please help your fellow interior designers know of this treasure by either telling them directly or sharing this blog post with them.

Below, is a picture I treasure from my keynote talk at the Antique and Design Center, back in 2012. On the far left is Jennifer Mehditash in the orange sweater, who at that time was just re-launching her design career in the US, after returning from Portugal. I had invited Jennifer to be my co-presenter and she rocked it!

Who reading this remembers that?

#HPMkt TIP #2

It is well known that Currey and Company supports our industry financially through the dozens of events they underwrite and sponsor each year, including the Design Influencers Conference and many others. I appreciate that as so many others do, too.

What might not be quite as well known is that Robert Currey’s wife and Brownlee Currey’s mother just had a very bad fall and is now recovering in rehab. Please stop in to Currey and Co. to extend your condolences and to spend a little extra money shopping their fabulous showroom.

The Currey and Co. showroom is a tour de force in beauty, not to mention it’s worth a visit to just see the very Instagrammable and STUNNING bonsai plants grown by the Currey family on display. I took this shot of one of them at the October market.

And their healthy lunches, where they serve organic foods grown on their own property, are legend!

Bonsai Tree At the Currey and Company showroom

#HPMKT Tip 3:

Now, this tip IS on the #HPMkt website, but the one that follows and that is related, is not.

When you’re going to #HPMkt for the first time, it can be overwhelming. There is so much to see, to do, to attend and it’s all exciting and beautiful.

Plan your schedule BY BUILDING and/or AREA, using the #MYMARKET app, so you don’t waste time in walking and catching rides between buildings. Find the download link for the app, here.

BUT….plan your schedule using TIP #4.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.43.02 AM.png


If you want to plan your time so you only purchase from Designer Friendly resources that give you the best pricing, I strongly recommend buying THIS from Houston, TX based interior designer Veronica Solomon’s store.

NOTE: I am not receiving any money from Veronica by sharing this with you. I simply think it’s important to support those vendor/exhibitors who support the ability of professional interior designers to make money.

In addition, Veronica is a great example of a working interior designer that has put a digital download strategy in place for 24/7 income.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.38.12 AM.png

As is our mutual friend, Carla Aston, whose ebook below, about how to expand your service offerings to include design consultations only, is essential reading.

As any of you know who attended my Texas Design Week ( #TXDW) EDUCATION DAY presentation, we discussed Carla’s blog for interior designers and this strategy of adding in more personalized, bite sized services that helps you #DesignWealth into your businesses.

Learn from the master. Buy it here.

And if you missed the recent blog hop organized by Carla and I , that shows you a sneak peek into designer’s offices, click here. It’s a fun read before #HPMkt.

Carla Aston best Houston interior designers

Veronica, Cheryl Clendenon and Kristin Drohan are speaking at High Point Market on Tuesday, April 3rd at 3 pm at the High Point Country Club on this topic of buying right from resources that support designers and if you will still be there, make sure to attend it.

Kristin has been an incredible supporter of educating the members of #DesignWealth on upholstery construction and if you haven’t read all of her posts there, please REQUEST TO JOIN my Group by clicking here (open only to interior designers) and then use the Groups’s search function to search her name to see them all.

Trust me. You will learn SO MUCH from reading her posts. They go into the nitty gritty of the differences between upholstery construction in a way that I’ve never read or seen anywhere else online.

Reading these posts will be VERY HELPFUL to you before you get to market, so you can know exactly what questions to ask your vendors.

And then, please support Kristin by buying from her line, too. She’s genuinely trying to help designers be very profitable in their businesses, while also spending an enormous amount of her time educating them for no charge.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.49.30 AM.png


This last tip isn’t a tip for interior designers, (although it would be wonderful for all of you attending #HPMKT to visit Seasonal Living’s space to meet Gary and see his line ) but a way for those of you who are manufacturers exhibiting at #HPMKT to grow your businesses, faster.


Our Savour Partnership client, 5x Arts Award winning Hall of Fame member, Seasonal Living Trading Company ( a very designer friendly ) indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting and decorative accessories resource, will be exhibiting in Interhall 310 at #HPMKT.

The owner of Seasonal Living Trading Company is Gary Pettitt.

Gary is ALSO an online publisher.

He publishes #SeasonalLivingMagazine, a gorgeous consumer facing luxury lifestyle magazine whose mission it is to inspire people the world over to live a life of wellness and sustainability, in harmony with the seasons, through images and articles on seasonal….travel. recipes.entertaining. design.

Our company, Savour Partnership, designs and writes this magazine for Gary.

Seasonal Living Trading Company Spring 2019 HPMKT

Seasonal Living Magazine is complimentary for all subscribers and also gets sent to Gary’s substantial email list + promoted over all of his social channels and every issue is promoted via a national online video ad campaign.

Follow Gary’s Instagram page here, to see some of the past videos and be sure to follow his Insta Stories. where you will see more.

This is the cover of the last issue, where his guest contributor was Maryam Montague, the owner of Morocco’s Peacock Pavillions boutique hotel and the other featured contributors were international color expert, Amy Wax, tile expert, Lee Harris Nicholson of Filmore Clark and the featured designers were Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design and Cheryl Clendenon of In Detail Interiors.

This is the cover of this issue, Modern Morroco, live now on

If you’d like to, subscribe by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 9.32.11 AM.png

His newest issue, Spring In Savannah, will be available online starting April 4th, right before #HPMKT and he will have print copies of it available in his exhibitor space.

But…here’s the opportunity if you are a non competing manufacturer attending #HPMkt.

Gary is starting to accept advertising, beginning with the June 2019 issue. It is very inexpensive to advertise in Seasonal Living Magazine and the benefits for being able to grow your business faster are substantial.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 10.02.46 AM.png

We are not selling this advertising for Gary, but simply letting everyone know that the opportunity is available.

Gary and his reps are the ones to speak to about the advertising and they will have a media kit available at #HPMkt for any of you that are interested.

Because we produce and write this magazine for Gary, however, we will be producing the new sponsored content ad units for his advertisers.

Sam, by business partner in Savour Partnership and the designer of the magazine, is the #1 rated visual content producer for HGTV, and writes HGTV’s Design Trends column.

As a result of Sam’s knowledge of consumers and mine in content marketing to luxury consumers, we can bring substantial additional value to advertisers in Seasonal Living Magazine.

If you are interested in speaking with Gary or his representatives at #HPMkt about advertising in Seasonal Living Magazine, please stop by to see him in Interhall #310 or contact him by email at

NOTE: If you are interested in working with Savour Partnership on your own digital publications, whether you are an interior designer, retailer or manufacturer, please contact me for an appointment during #HPMkt by emailing me at


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Thank you for reading! I appreciate it and if you are going to #HPMkt, I look forward to seeing you there.


Leslie Carothers / @tkpleslie
CEO, The Kaleidoscope Partnership +
Savour Partnership

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